3 Back to School Supplies You Didn’t Know You Needed

August 19, 2016Holly Sosa


School supply lists are in nearly every parents hands by now. As you shop and cross off items on the list this month, be encouraged to stop and think about the items that may not be on the list that could help your child throughout their upcoming school year. This short list of items could be the back to school supplies you didn’t know you needed. From comfort to personality and even a little craft that also offers book protection, these supplies will make you think a little extra about this year’s lists.


kleenex back to school

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Aside from hand sanitizer, Kleenex® are the one thing you can count on to be on your child’s supplies list when they come home after their first day. For good reason considering several runny noses can occur all at once when those back to school germs all start mingling with each other. But Kleenex® is there for more than just helping with noses. Kleenex® brand wants to encourage you to share Kleenex® Care all year long with loved ones because all it takes is one soft tissue to make a difference. They sponsored a social experiment and workshop led by Lori Nathanson, PhD, and Shauna Tominey, PhD, researchers at the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence, to showcase how a gesture of care and other pro-social strategies can help middle school students face the challenges of a new school year. Grab your own Kleenex® and watch these new middle schoolers prepare for the new school year by using care to build self-confidence. Do you remember your biggest fear when you entered official middle school?

Pretty Notebooks

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Purchase inexpensive notebooks while they’re the most affordable during back to school sales. Cover them with patterned scrapbook paper and use letter stickers to label which class the notebook is for. A handy and organized way to keep your note organized while also getting to share some of your personality.

Book Covers


Make your own using a variety of methods. Grab pretty wrapping paper, fold it to fit your book, and secure it using washi tape. You could also use vintage maps, fabric, scrapbook paper, or even decorate plain white paper yourself before wrapping it around your books for protection.

Going back to school can be overwhelming, but showing someone you care (whether it’s with a pretty notebook or a Kleenex®) with a small gesture can make all the difference and even boost confidence.

Check out the full social experiment sponsored by Kleenex online at their Facebook page and visit Kleenex.com to see how you can help make caring contagious this back-to-school season.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.


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