LEGO Bricks Candy

July 27, 2016Holly Sosa

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LEGO® Systems have been a longtime favorite in our home. I love that it helps to develop my kiddos creative sides. And imaginative building play is easy and fun with the bright, colorful, and versatile bricks. Since playing with LEGO is a favorite in our home, I thought it would make a transition to creating in the kitchen just as much fun. My kiddos and I, inspired by our LEGO bricks, decided to experiment with some molds we found at a recent visit to LEGOLAND California and made some awesome LEGO Bricks Candy using Jolly Ranchers and the imaginations we already use when we play with our LEGO bricks.

To start, we pulled out our LEGO brick molds and candy.

lego bricks candy001

Next we filled them with our favorite flavors and tried some fun color combinations.

lego bricks candy002

We used a hammer to break apart the candy into smaller pieces to fill the molds completely.

lego bricks candy003

I placed our now full molds onto a baking sheet and then into a 375F degree oven for about 10 minutes until the candy had just melted.

And then I pulled them out and allowed them to cool for at least two hours before trying to remove them from the molds. When I did remove them, I half expected them to come out filled with holes or sticky, but they were perfect little LEGO brick shapes and the colors melted together, but not completely into one another so it created a fun almost tie dye effect. The LEFO Bricks Candy was such a success with my kiddos, they’ve already been asking when they can make more.

lego bricks candy007

lego bricks candy005

I grew up playing with LEGO, building houses for my people to play in, creating cities, towns, and anything I could dream up. Now my two boys play with LEGO and it’s really exciting for me to see them getting enjoyment from something I used to play with! I love that there are no rules and no instructions necessary with LEGO. Just fun, imaginative play that knows no limits. With ten sets, ranging from $15.99 to $59.99, they also make the perfect gift giving solution for any kiddo in your family so that they can add to their own collection or be inspired for the first time to try building and making with their imagination.

lego bricks candy006

When we were playing recently, we checked out some pro tips from the Upright Citizen Brigade and decided to try to tell a story by building some of our favorite things. One of my favorite things is a rainbow and we had a blast just dumping our new LEGO System box right into the carpet and getting to work. Piece by piece, we created a rainbow and then discovered more fun pieces to add. In the end, we thought a winking rainbow would be very extra friendly so we added a little extra personality with the pieces with discovered along the way.



Get inspired with LEGO and check out the fun video from Upright Citizen Brigade to inspire your next family LEGO play date!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.


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