Cabrillo National Monument

May 4, 2016Holly Sosa

We travelled to San Diego over the weekend to visit my sister and her family. Her husband is stationed at MCRD and we take full advantage of having a free place to stay when we plan our family getaways. We originally planned on taking the kids to LEGOLAND and then their CHIMA Waterpark the following day, but the weather was much too chilly for a day at the waterpark, which left my sister and I searching the internet for some way to possibly make it up to the two disappointed boys in her living room.

Thankfully, San Diego has no shortage of places to have an adventure. We narrowed it down to three choices: the San Diego Zoo, La Jolla beach to see the seals, or Cabrillo National Monument to explore the tide pools. Collin and Aiden chose the tide pools in hopes of finding starfish. A mad dash to get five kiddos and three parents dressed and out the door before high tide then ensued.

The drive down was spectacular. The ocean waves crashed onto the rocky cliffs and in the distance we saw several large ships. The teal blues and emerald greens of the water were incredible and blended together like a watercolor painting.

cabrillo state park1

cabrillo state park2

The hike was long, but easy and the kids handled it well. There were several places that were safe enough for them to climb on and play around. And for the places that weren’t, we simply steered clear.

cabrillo state park3

cabrillo state park4

cabrillo state park5

cabrillo state park6

cabrillo state park7

cabrillo state park8

cabrillo state park9

Jacob took each of the kids on a short climb to this ledge that stretched out over the tide pools. The view from there was absurdly beautiful and we wanted them each to experience it. The photos I took while he was over there with each of them are my little treasures from the day.

cabrillo state park13

cabrillo state park14

cabrillo state park15

cabrillo state park16

cabrillo state park18

My sister grabbed this quick family shot of us and even though we have one pouter (the sun was in his eyyyyeeesssssss, dddaaaddddd), it’s good enough for me.

cabrillo state park10

My top is from Fight Apparel and ended up being perfect for the day. Conquering fears and exploring the cliffs and tide pools without leaning on my fear freed me to experience it all with my family. The memories made that day will be cherished forever because I was able to let go of fear and lean on faith. Not what the shirt’s actual message is intended for, but it was cathartic for me. Find the faith over fear tank here.

cabrillo state park11

cabrillo state park23

cabrillo state park12

The tide pools below the cliffs didn’t disappoint. Though we didn’t find the starfish my boys had hoped for, we did discover crabs, sea slugs, and anemone.

cabrillo state park19

cabrillo state park20

cabrillo state park21

cabrillo state park22

I did not expect to have as much fun as I did at Cabrillo National Monument. I’m an indoors gal and hiking has always sounded like an activity I preferred to skip. But after my experience there, I’m kind of hoping to find more places to explore and hike through. Who even am I anymore?

Top was provided to me by Fight Apparel to share. I was not financially compensated for this post.


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  • Valerie

    May 5, 2016 at 6:15 AM

    GORGEOUS pictures!! I want to go there and see it ALL asap!!! This east-coaster (now “exiled” in Ohioooo!!) is desperately needing some west coast exploring time!! Thanks for sharing!!

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