Wild Orange Body Butter

March 15, 2016Holly Sosa

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wild orange body butter7

This year, I sort of dove head first into making my own beauty products. As a creative and crafter, when I discovered essential oils and how they could help me create my own beauty products catered to my own specific needs, I couldn’t wait to try my own stuff. From Lavender Bath Melts, to Orange Creamsicle Lip Scrub, I’ve been creating my own versions of my favorite beauty products, experimenting along the way and sharing my recipes when they succeed.

After making a fruit salad one morning (I used fresh squeezed oranges over the top), I was crazy-Mary-Catherine-Gallagher-sniffing my hands for the rest of the day and realized how neglected my little bottle of wild orange essential oil was. And why? Orange is uplifting and mood-boosting! I created this Wild Orange Body Butter to apply after a shower to help me with motivation and energy. This body butter uses only three, all natural ingredients, which also relieves my anxiety-ridden brain of worrying about chemicals that go into my blood stream after I apply lotion.


To start, I added about a cup of coconut oil to a mixing bowl.

wild orange body butter3

And I added in 20 drops of my wild orange essential oil.

wild orange body butter1

And then about a quarter cup of olive oil.

wild orange body butter2

I used the whisk attachment and blended it all together until the coconut oil became fluffy and had a butter-like texture.

wild orange body butter4

Then I transferred the refreshing Wild Orange Body Butter to a glass jar. When working with essential oils, it’s important to store the product in glass containers as plastic or rubber containers contain components that can be damaged and deteriorated by essential oils. Remember, essential oils are super concentrated and just one drop of wild orange essential oil is equivalent to a dozen oranges.

wild orange body butter6

wild orange body butter8

wild orange body butter9

wild orange body butter5

If you’re just getting into essential oils or your curious, but overwhelmed by what to purchase or where to start, this starter kit was where I began. And it includes the most commonly used oils for making your own health and beauty products like body butter. It does not include the lime essential oil, however you can swap out lime for any essential oil (hello lavender – my fave!).

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  • Melanie

    March 15, 2016 at 9:30 AM

    This must smell so good!!!!

  • Melanie

    March 15, 2016 at 11:56 PM

    Just a tip, citrus oils increase photosensitivity big time, so don’t forget to slather on the sunblock.

    1. Holly Sosa

      March 16, 2016 at 11:26 AM

      Yes! I should have added that! Will edit soon to add in that bit. Super important info. Thank you for pointing that out to me! 🙂

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