Family Vegas Road Trip in a Kia Sorento

March 7, 2016Holly Sosa

I was not financially compensated for this post. Drive Shop provided the Kia Sorento to facilitate this blog post, but all thoughts, opinions, and ideas are my own. Thank you to Drive Shop for partnering with me. And thank you readers for supporting the brands that support this blog and my family.

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As much as my heart loves to claim that I’m a Michigander at heart (and I am!), I have to admit that I do also consider myself a Las Vegas native. My parents moved from Michigan to Las Vegas when I was a little girl and while our Michigan ties continued to run deep with yearly summer-long visits, and family connections, I grew up in Las Vegas, and now that I live in California, I find myself road tripping over to good ol’ Las Vegas monthly to visit with my parents and friends, and for Collin to spend time with his Dad.

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During our last trip, we got luxurious and drove a Kia Sorento through the familiar desert to our Las Vegas family. This SUV pulled out all the stops and impressed even me, the knows-nothing-about-cars-just-tell-me-how-many-cup-holders-it-has-kinda-gal.

The Kia Sorento was made for families like mine. Our blended family sometimes rides with all seven of us and sometimes just three of us and sometimes five of us. This SUV effortlessly went from seating five to seating all seven of the Sosa family with room to spare. Yes, it even had enough cup holders for all of us. The kids had control of their temperature and little reading lights. And I loved the sun shield feature in the backseat to protect my littlest girl, a car napper, from the sun’s rays shining in her face.

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The front dashboard area and control system was the coolest. I’ll admit, I felt super important and in charge in that driver’s seat. The reverse view camera was handy and the aerial view stumped husband and me along with several of you friends when I shared it on social media. My favorite part was the satellite radio. We get one static-ridden station out here in our small desert town, so having a variety of music to choose from was exciting. The navigation system was comforting to have for road trips like the one we took. And it even displayed what the speed limit was, which was a not-so-welcome reminder, but one I need on occasion when driving long distances.

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The Kia Sorento drove like a dream. Even my six year old exclaimed, “Wow, Mom! This car drives nice and smooth!” He thinks he knows everything about cars. You know what, he probably knows more than me, so who am I to say anything about him? My sweet three year old, the diva of our family, was not thrilled the day we had to give the Kia back. She literally threw a fit and cried. “No, Mom! We take diss caw! NO, MOM!” Barefoot in the desert dirt, she tried to figure out how to move it somewhere safe.

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For me, I’d rather hear about how a car worked for a family rather than what the horsepower is or how fast it goes. That’s all Latin to me. And I never learned Latin, so what I’m trying to say is that I’m completely clueless. But the Kia Sorento was stylish, family functional, and super fun to drive. If you’re afraid of becoming a Minivan Mom, this is the vehicle that offers all of the convenience of one without the minivan title. It’s much more stylish than a minivan and offers all the perks of an SUV.

For more information on the Kia Sorento, be sure to visit their Facebook page where they share all the latest in vehicle technology.


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