Toddler Bed Transition, Captain’s Log

February 8, 2016Holly Sosa

toddler bed transition5

My daughter, Evelyn, has a serious case of last-child-syndrome. She’s most definitely treated as the baby of the family. And admittedly, it’s because I’m just clinging to as much as I can since she’s my last child. I want to savor every moment of her in every stage, because I know I’ll never experience it again as a mother. But recently, I had to accept reality and that meant trading her crib for a toddler bed. I cried. I had my mom-moment of feeling both simultaneously sad and glad at the milestone. And then after, I bought her toddler bed, husband hung our new VTech VM343 video baby monitor for an added layer of safety. And then I felt the no-sleep rage that comes with transitioning from a safe and secure crib to the I’m-free-and-I-can-rock-out-all-night toddler bed.

Day one

toddler bed transition1

This isn’t so bad. She skipped her nap today so I could ensure she was good and tired for her first night. She feel asleep instantly and I’m celebrating with wine.

Day two

toddler bed transition4

Did not go to bed easily. Instead whined and whined about being scared. Added an extra nightlight to her room. Came and yelled something under the door at us. Flipped on her light. Made her bed on the floor. I can handle this. No big deal. A few nights on the floor and she’ll want her bed again.

Day three

No sleep was had.

Day four

toddler bed transition2

Put her to bed and then I jumped in the shower to relax. Came out to her with the light on, playing and singing to her toys. This continued well into midnight.

Day five

Turned on her light and turned off her heater. I went to turn the heater on and the light off. Repeat x5. Asleep at 1AM. I’m going crazy little by little.

Day six

toddler bed transition3

Could it be? Asleep within 15 minutes? In her actual bed? No light toggling? No toy singing? Hallelujah!

Overall, her toddler bed transition hasn’t been too bad. I am working on a few less hours of sleep, but she’s doing normal for a child her age. Plus, wouldn’t you be excited to have all that extra freedom at night? Ha!

While toddler bed transitioning can be difficult, having the added protection from the VTech VM343 has been helpful when we need to decided if we really need to intervene or not.  Scanning her room and keeping an eye on her has never been easier thanks to the monitor’s remote pan and tilt camera featuring 2x zoom.

toddler bed transition6

toddler bed transition8

The VM343 pans up to 270 degrees side-to-side and tilts as many as 120 degrees up and down, which allows me to follow her around as she flips on switches and sings to her toys. The Automatic Night Vision, high-resolution video equipped with night vision on a large 4.3-inch LCD screen, also helps me to be able to observe her during these transitional weeks to ensure she’s safe and that I don’t miss a moment of her milestone. Plus, the digital transmission ensures all videos are private and secure, while cutting down on background noise to ensure the only sounds I hear are of Miss Evelyn’s beautiful singing voice.

Visit VTech’s website for more information on monitors like mine and more. Do you use a video monitor? What’s one of your favorite moments caught on camera?

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