Caprese and Olive Appetizers, + Free Groceries for a Year!

February 5, 2016Holly Sosa

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caprese and olive appetizers16

While my favorite Detroit team isn’t headed to the Big Game this season, my family and I are still pumped to watch it together. I grew up with football on our family TV as my stepdad cheered on his Denver team, so we’ve still got our hearts invested. My husband and I usually hold a small gathering on the big day and serve tons of typical game day food: chips and dips, pigs in a blanket, the usual. But this year, I thought I’d up my appetizer game after I laid eyes on some gorgeous cherry tomatoes while shopping at my local Smart & Final. Game day is about to get a touch more sophisticated, friends.

These Caprese and Olive Appetizers are stupid easy (my favorite kind of way to cook!) to whip together and offer a little something for everyone’s tastebuds. My husband isn’t a tomato fan, so I got a little extra creative and used First Street black olives on a few of the skewers to offer a substitute for tomato haters (who even are you people?!). Just feast your eyes on all of these fresh ingredients I picked up during my shopping trip.

caprese and olive appetizers4

To start, I simply skewered a piece of mozzarella.

caprese and olive appetizers5

And then a tomato. And then I set it aside on a platter.

caprese and olive appetizers6

And repeated on another skewer, but this time I swapped the tomato for a First Street black olive.

caprese and olive appetizers1

Look how pretty they look all lined up together.

caprese and olive appetizers7

Once I had skewered about a dozen or so, I chopped up some fresh basil.

caprese and olive appetizers2

Oh, how I adore the smell of basil. My whole car smelled fresh and earthy during the drive home. I loved every moment! Can someone make a basil car freshener? Can we get on that already?

caprese and olive appetizers3

And sprinkled it all over the top of the skewers.

caprese and olive appetizers9

caprese and olive appetizers10

And finally, I finished them all off with First Street Vinaigrette.

caprese and olive appetizers11

caprese and olive appetizers12

caprese and olive appetizers13

My husband, who happens to be a bit of a cheese snob and usually turns down soft cheeses like mozzarella, swiftly enjoyed several of the olive versions of these. And I helped myself to plenty of the classic Caprese versions. The tomatoes were so fresh and juicy; I even enjoyed a few all by themselves. And the First Street Vinaigrette was divine over these with the perfect combination of oil and balsamic. As the Italians say, MUAH!

caprese and olive appetizers14

caprese and olive appetizers15

caprese and olive appetizers19

caprese and olive appetizers20

caprese and olive appetizers21

caprese and olive appetizers22

caprese and olive appetizers23

These are going to be a delicious addition to our Big Game gathering and since they’re so simple to make, I’ll be spending less time in the kitchen and more time watching football….and I’ll be honest, the commercials too.

When doing your shopping for the Big Game, check out Smart & Final. It’s one of my favorite stores since they offer the usual grocery items along with bulk items that I need to keep stocked up on for my extra large family and for events like our game day gathering. Plus, when you shop at Smart & Final, you could win free groceries for a year with their Final Score Sweepstakes. To win, you’ll have to guess the correct Final Score of the Big Game.

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