Reasons to Wear Your Toddler

January 18, 2016Holly Sosa

I was not financially compensated for this post. Wrapy provided a wrap at no cost to me in order to facilitate my execution of this post. All ideas are my own. Thank you to Wrapy for partnering with me and thank you readers for supporting the brands that support this blog and my family.

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Baby wearing was a foreign concept to me when I had my first child and because I was so new and had so few (read zero) friends who were moms, I never looked much into it. I thought it was just for crazy hippie crunchy women who fed their children bark and leaves. When my second child, my daughter Evelyn, came into the world, I was much more researched and knew I needed a solution to help me care for my newborn as well as my two toddlers (I gained a stepson in between my first child and daughter). Baby wearing was a welcome solution for me and my family, and most days, it saved my sanity. If you’re just beginning to research baby and toddler wearing, I hope my list of reasons to wear your toddler inspires you to pick up a Wrapy of your own and begin your journey.

It keeps your child safe and close at hand

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Toddlers are curious little people and love to wander off, refuse to hold hands, and enjoy being dare devils. Wearing your toddler, especially when you’re in a public place, keeps her close at hand and away from the dangers of the world. No, you can’t protect your children from everything, but when they’re at such a vulnerable age, toddler wearing is a lovely solution to keep them near.

Toddler wearing helps ensure shopping is a stress free experience

Without my Wrapy, grocery shopping would have never been done and we’d be living on the crumbs under the fridge. I mean, having two toddlers and a baby was like shopping while treading water. Impossible. But having a Wrapy with me made it a breeze while my little girl slept in her wrap and I could manage my two boys while I shopped. Now that she’s a toddler, shopping with her is crazy. She loves to touch everything, wander off, and grab items that I don’t realize are in my cart until I’m at the checkout. Having her safely in the Wrapy ensures I’m in and out, list in tact, and tantrum free!

It helps your kiddo stay on (nap) schedule

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Being close to mom and her warmth is incredibly soothing for a toddler. And when you’re out and about, and nap time is looming, having a wrap can save your day. Scoop up that toddler, wrap him close, and behold the magic of a Wrapy. I’m always so surprised when Evelyn falls sound asleep next to my skin in her wrap. And then I’m overcome with so much mama love, I can’t even handle it.

Wearing your toddler is free cuddles

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My lovely little threenager often refuses cuddles these days. But toddler wearing gives me all the free cuddles. So there’s that.

It can soothe a cranky kiddo

Tantrums are part of toddler life. It’s just going to happen. Whether you’re the most perfect parent ever or not, toddlers gonna tantrum. I’ve found that when that happens (and when she’s hurt or upset), holding her close and wrapping her up in our Wrapy soothes her and calms her. And then usually results in a post tantrum nap.

Toddler wearing makes traveling easier

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We traveled to Michigan with my son and toddler last summer. And without toddler wearing, I’d have lost my sanity. The busy airport, the noisy plane, all the walking. So many people. So much stimulation for a toddler. Wearing Evelyn helped keep her calm. And me, if I’m being honest. Because knowing she was safe in her wrap, I could focus on getting safely to our destination instead of chasing her around or worrying someone would snatch her up.

It allows mom (or dad!) to have two free hands

Have you ever tried to cook dinner with a toddler underfoot? It’s the actual worst. Wrap him up and enjoy the use of both of your free hands. You’re welcome.

Toddler conversations are the best ever

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Being close to your toddler allows for extra conversations. You know. About life and stuff. And important toddler things like the fact that having a crown on your sweatshirt automatically makes you a queen. And that mommy needs to be nice to daddy. And also that Sofia the First is boo-tee-fal.

Because it’s just the best thing ever to be so close to your toddler

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Days with your child are numbered. We get so little of them before they’re grown humans living their own lives. Soaking in all that love and innocence is pure and warm. Toddler wearing makes me feel close and bonded with my daughter. Plain and simple. It’s the best.

If you’re new to baby and toddler wearing, it can seem overwhelming. Believe me, I know. The first few times I wore Evelyn were confusing and clumsy, but I quickly got the hang of it. The best analogy to describe it is that it’s like riding a bike; you’re first few times are awkward and hard, but once you get it, you get it. Baby and toddler wearing has been such a positive experience for me and my family; it’s my hope your experience will be just as awesome.

And as a reference, this handy safety guide is essential for you to read and review before you try baby wearing for the first time. Safety is extremely important in the baby wearing world to ensure baby is comfy, protected, and safe, safe, safe.

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