My January Gwynnie Bee Box

January 12, 2016Holly Sosa

All my life I’ve been taller and bigger than other girls. The tallest girl in cheer, biggest girl in dance, I always felt like all eyes were on me and my clumsy limbs. Growing up (and even still!), buying a top is always a gamble because though it may fit in the store, after one or two washes, it will become a crop top on my long torso. I’ve lost many a great shirt to my need for tall sizes. And even now as an adult woman, I sometimes get self conscious when I wear pumps in public. Just a couple short inches lifts me to an easy six feet tall, towering over even most men. I’ve always worn larger sizes and since having babies, I’ve been bumped into the plus sized class. For someone who has always struggled to find properly fitting clothing, I was surprised to see just how few plus sized options for women are.

With the new subscription box craze, I’ve watched enviously as my friends post their clothing finds each month and get to wear items that make them feel confident and beautiful while I shop the plus sized aisles at Target and Old Navy hoping that this time the shirt will be long enough or the pants won’t end up as capris on my long legs. Every subscription service I’ve looked into has been for smaller women. Normal women, I guess? And I’m just not normal. Never have been and (I’m just starting to really truly accept this) never will be. I mean, you guys, if anyone needs a personal shopper to help them choose clothing and new pieces that flatter their body, it’s plus sized women. Why are we not being included? We have money. We have bodies that need to be clothed.

In all of my feverish research, I’ve found only one company that caters to my tall, apple shaped body. And as a plus sized lady with a public blog, I thought I’d give them a whirl and share my finds with you. Because I know several of you who read this and are my friends, are also fabulous as f*ck plus sized ladies who love clothing and being a girl as much as I do.

january gwynnie bee box9

Gwynnie Bee is a monthly clothing subscription service for sizes 10-32. To start, you choose how many items you’d like to check out at a time (I started with three out at a time) and then you browse through all the top plus sized brands that they work with, adding things you like to your, “closet”. GB mails you your choices based on what’s available at the time, so it’s kind of a fun surprise when you open your box each month. I’m sharing the three pieces that were in my January Gwynnie Bee box and my experiences with each item.

XTWO Valora Blouse

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january gwynnie bee box2

When I saw this blouse, I loved the color, but I wasn’t fond of the pattern. My comfort zone is neutral solids, florals, and leopard print when it comes to my tops. But this is another reason I’m excited about this service from GB, because I can try new things without committing to buying them, unless I want to of course! I wasn’t thrilled with how this fit my body. I wasn’t comfortable in it and I think that was reflected in my confidence level when I wore it. This one is most definitely going back.

Isabel + Alice Printed Sweet Heart Peplum Top

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january gwynnie bee box1

Of course I added this floral beauty to my closet when I saw it! Bright red makes me feel like if I wear this out in public, people will automatically look at me, but I’ve been wanting to see how a peplum top fits on me and this is all about expanding my style horizons, right? For this bright top, I paired it with jeans to tone it down a bit and make myself feel more comfortable. Since peplum tops make me think fancy, I wanted to try a more casual feel that I’m most comfortable in. As a tall gal, I have a hard time finding shirts, especially peplum tops, that are long enough to cover my torso and this one was pleasantly lengthy. The chest area was rather loose and made me feel like I was going to pop out when I bent over…and then I did once or twice, to the delight of my husband. I liked the color, which was surprising because red isn’t my usual choice. And of course, any rose floral print is positively lovely in my book. However, I felt it made me look like I was wearing maternity wear and that I’d most definitely get asked when I was due if I wore this out. Sending back.

Modamix Pleat Front Blouse in Violet

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january gwynnie bee box3

january gwynnie bee box4

january gwynnie bee box5

This was an item I added to my GB closet because it hits all my sweet spots: long, dark neutral color, pleats. Plus I love a good flowy feeling top. My usual day to day style is jeans and a top, so I wore this with jeans, but it would look great with black slacks for a more professional environment. This fit perfectly. The arms, the length, everything! I’m super excited about this top because it’s versatile and makes me feel feminine. The pleats on the sleeves made my arms appear more slender, which was serious bonus points for this blouse. I’m considering keeping this one, but as a thrifty shopper, the $52 price tag (after my GB discount) is a bit steep. I have the rest of the month to think it over, though.

I’m looking forward to my next box and getting more into doing something just for me. Plus I’m just really excited to have found something that is for plus sized women to enjoy. I’m fabulous too, fashion world! While this is not a sponsored post, I can share my Gwynnie Bee referral link with you guys for a free month to try it out. If you’re a size 10 or above, this is such a great resource for you to try new things and get clothes that actually FIT. The struggle is real, right curvy friends?

Are you a plus sized shopper? I’d love to hear your favorite places to shop! I’m always looking for fabulous curvy resources. Be sure to follow Our Holly Days via Pinterest for my fashion faves and more plus size inspiration.


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    January 12, 2016 at 12:28 PM

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  • Melanie

    January 12, 2016 at 3:25 PM

    People keep telling me to try out Gwynnie Bee!! That’s perplum top is too cute! Love the red floral print! I’m a plus size girl and I seriously struggle with finding clothes that fit and don’t tug at everything or show crazy cleavage. I try Torrid a lot but sometimes their clothes hang so loose it actually makes me look bigger than I am. I’ve had a lot luck with Macy’s lately…Adorable clothes, great price tag, and I can wear them to work! =)

  • Melanie

    January 12, 2016 at 3:25 PM

    Oh and Dress Barn…I know Dress Barn has a bad rap but I have gotten so many gorgeous dresses there that fit just right! =)

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