Christmas Card Favorites, My Top Choices for 2015

November 20, 2015Holly Sosa

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As a self-proclaimed stationery addict, I feel all the happy feelings when it’s time to order my annual Christmas card. This year I was extra anxious to receive our cards because we had our first ever family portrait session and were able to use them for our photo cards. As I do every year, I turned to Pear Tree Greetings for my Christmas card favorites, knowing they’d have the best designs for my 2016 cards.

Faux Foil Diamonds by Genevieve Gorder from Pear Tree Greetings

Genevieve Gorder is one of my all time favorite designers and this year, she partnered with Pear Tree Greetings to design a series of holiday cards that are chic and full of personality. This particular card caught my eye because of the geometric design and trendy gold color. You can customize this design from over 40 colors if black isn’t your thing, but I couldn’t resist playing off the dark color with a black and white photo from our family photo session.

christmas card favorites2

Photo Paper All Stars from Pear Tree Greetings

For an affordable option, these photo paper cards are simple and cost just $0.75 each. There are three doodles to choose from, but I embrace my faith on my Christmas cards, so I chose this one.

pear tree greetings christmas cards 0003

Be Jolly from Pear Tree Greetings

If you prefer to attache a¬†holiday letter on your card, this option gives you plenty of space to share your sentiments with friends and family. The front typography can be swapped out for several options along with the back side’s design and color. Pear Tree Greetings is great about giving you a sleek design, but also giving you the freedom to play and create your own.

christmas card favorites5

Shiny Foil Dots from Pear Tree Greetings

This was one of my three choices for our family Christmas cards and I was apprehensive at first because I wasn’t sure if the glitter dots were just a design or if they were actually glitter. This was my favorite card from the three versions we chose. The glitter dots are actually foiled gold that give the card a festive feel without the mess of real glitter. The back had space for two additional photos that I used to share the portraits of our children. The designs on this card can also be adjusted to several glitter dot options and back side design patterns.

christmas card favorites4

pear tree greetings christmas cards 0002

Foil Noel from Pear Tree Greetings

The gold foil on this card is even more beautiful in person. Since our family photos were taken in the desert, it accented the colors perfectly. On this card, you can choose from several back side designs too.

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Typically, I’m not an indecisive person, but when it comes to my love of paper, I have a hard time choosing. This year, rather than ordering just one design, I ordered smaller amounts of several and will be mailing out a variety of cards to family and friends.

From now until December 15th, 2015, use code SAVEJINGLE at Pear Tree Greetings for up to 50% off your order of $75 or more. The code will give you $15 off $75, $20 off $100, or $50 off $200 on everything (excluding canvas), but now is the time for holiday cards, so get on it friends!


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