DIY Bat Pillow Boxes, a Crafty Halloween Treat

October 1, 2015Holly Sosa

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diy bat pillow boxes14

This Halloween, we are participating in a Trunk or Treat at the nearby mountain town of Big Bear. It’s become a yearly tradition that my extended family and I eagerly look forward to every year. There’s something magical about going up to the mountains and spending the holiday in a tucked away in a tiny cabin, everyone on top of one another, but no one seems to mind. Pranks being played with plastic roaches and toilet demons. Giant bags of candy and boxes of snacks stashed wherever the cabin will allow. It’s the one time we come together, Nanny & Granddad, Aunts & Uncles, babies & kids, every year and it’s such a great way for us to connect before the holiday season takes over our schedules.

This year my sister and I are splitting snack and meal duty, which includes the Halloween candy for potential trick-or-treat ghouls. Naturally, I chose the largest size, most festive candy I could get my hands on and purchased the Trunk or Treat Variety Bag and Kit Kat/Reese’s Miniatures Variety Pack from my local Walmart. The Kit Kat/Reese’s may or may not be for the chocolate-loving adults (don’t judge us, we love participating in Halloween candy comas too!). And I dressed them up with these fun little DIY Bat Pillow Boxes that I’m sharing today.


  • black pillow boxes
  • crafty googly eyes
  • black craft paper or scrapbook paper
  • exacto knife
  • glue

diy bat pillow boxes1

To begin, you’ll use an exacto knife to cut out bat wing shapes from the black craft paper. I just doodled mine on, but you could also use this template. Secure the wings to the back of each box with glue.

diy bat pillow boxes2

diy bat pillow boxes3

diy bat pillow boxes4

Next, flip over the box and glue a couple of adorable little googly eyes onto the top center of each box.

diy bat pillow boxes5

diy bat pillow boxes6


Once the glue has dried, fold the boxes together.

Fill them up with Hershey’s candy before closing them! Don’t be stingy either! Give those trick-or-treaters what they’re working for!

diy bat pillow boxes7

diy bat pillow boxes8

diy bat pillow boxes9

These adorable little bat pillow boxes make a great way to store and share your Hershey’s Halloween candy for Trunk or Treat events, trick-or-treaters, school parties, and Halloween events. You could also get even more creative and try out different ghoulish characters like a mummy or a Frankenstein!

diy bat pillow boxes10

diy bat pillow boxes13

diy bat pillow boxes16

diy bat pillow boxes12

For more information on Hershey’s Halloween varieties, be sure to check out the different sizes that meet all your Halloween needs on the Walmart Hershey’s hub.

diy bat pillow boxes17


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