Back to School Must-Haves for Desert Dwelling Kids

September 2, 2015Holly Sosa

Back to school season is a little different in the desert. We are still battling record temps and protecting our skin, eyes, and head from the sun in August all the way through October. Because of this, desert kids need a couple of essentials that kids from other regions don’t. Here is my list of back to school must-haves for desert dwelling kids.

back to school must-haves for desert dwelling kids2

  1. Tank tops like this Volcom one from Swim Outlet are perfect back to school tops to wear. In the desert, school starts when temperatures are still in the 100s. Keep your kiddos cool with lightweight clothing.
  2. Water bottles to keep them hydrated. Kids carry one or even two water bottles to school with them out here in the High Desert. Recess can dehydrate an active child quickly if they don’t have a water bottle on hand.
  3. Hats to shield their eyes and face from the hot sun. With little no no cloud coverage during early school months, kids keep cool with hats like this Hurley Boys’ One and Only Hat from Swim Outlet.
  4. Sunglasses to protect their little eyes from damaging UV rays. I keep our child sunglasses purchases affordable by ordering from Swim Outlet.

Collin loves his new Volcom tank; so much so he wanted to wear it on his first day of Kinder.

back to school must-haves for desert dwelling kids1

With two boys starting Kindergarten this year, I’m really feeling the strain of back to school shopping. Both kiddos need new shoes, new clothes, backpacks, supplies, socks, undies, and the list never ends, you guys. You know this, because you’re feeling it too. To help save some money, I hunt for deals and affordable places to shop online. Last year, I discovered Swim Outlet and loved their prices, options, and name brands at affordable prices; so it was only natural for me to check them out this year.

How do you save during back to school season? Let’s chat school clothes in the comments below. Also, don’t forget to check out for your back to school needs and save!


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