A DIY IG Clothespin Gallery, Showcase Your Favorite Memories!

August 19, 2015Holly Sosa

diy ig clothespin gallery3

We have a space above our bedroom dresser that is uninspired and, as a result, it’s been left blank for three years. When it comes to where I sleep, I’m incredibly indecisive about the art I keep on the walls. I never know if I should go with a large piece, several small pieces, put up photos, or keep it minimal. For awhile now, I’ve seen adorable little gallery walls popping up on my Pinterest feed and I’ve admired them. They are simple to hang and easy to swap out for new photos if you want to rotate them.

After some research I found a company, Social Print Studio, that not only will print your Instagram photos for you, but they also have display kits available. Ordering was simple and easy and I added on a clothespin kit all for under $25. Boo yah! Social Print Studio isn’t paying me to share this with you and they did not give me free items to talk about them. I’m just really pumped about this discovery and my new little gallery wall. I’m also ordering these giant photo strips for the kids’ bedrooms too and they’re totally awesome.

diy ig clothespin gallery1

To hang them, I simply hammered a couple small nails into the wall and strung the twine from each. Then I used the clothespins to hang each print.

diy ig clothespin gallery2

The kit comes with 20 clothespins, so I decided to hang them in four rows of five.

diy ig clothespin gallery4

diy ig clothespin gallery9

diy ig clothespin gallery8

diy ig clothespin gallery6

diy ig clothespin gallery7

diy ig clothespin gallery5

The display was a cinch to hang up. If you don’t want to spent the $8 on the kit, I believe you can find some similar mini-clothespins at your local craft stores for roughly the same cost. You can also pick up some twine while you’re there and choose from a variety of colors and thickness. I’m pretty happy with what the kit came with and it was less work for me since I was already ordering my prints from the same company.

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