Chocolate Daisy Bouquet, a Thoughtful DIY Gift for Teacher

May 6, 2015Holly Sosa

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Yesterday was Teacher Appreciation Day and I have a deep love for the three ladies that teach Collin and Aiden each and every day. They’re dedicated, loving, and always greet every child with a smile, tender words, and open arms. Teachers are never recognized enough for all they sacrifice and do for children and their role in molding them into productive, capable adults. Naturally, with a day like Teacher Appreciation Day, I wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity to treat these special ladies with chocolate daisy bouquet.

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This bouquet was simple to make and I whipped up three in just under an hour. I used materials I already had on hand and purchased only $18 worth of supplies, which meant each bouquet was just about $6.


  • mason jar
  • chocolate (I used Dove)
  • wood skewers
  • construction paper
  • hot glue gun
  • craft grass
  • butterfly plant decor (optional)
  • scissors

To start, trace a daisy shape around your construction paper. I wanted four flowers in each pot, so I chose four different colors and traced my daisy on each. You can do this freehand or make a template. Next, you’ll cut each flower out. Using your hot glue gun, secure chocolate to your daisy one at a time. Each daisy needs six pieces. While the chocolate pieces dry, trim down the skewers to different sizes. I kept one in tact, trimmed two slightly shorter, and a fourth one even shorter. Once the daisies are dry, flip them over and run a line of hot glue from the top to the bottom of the flower and secure a skewer to it. Repeat process until each flower has a stick adhered to it. In your mason jar, add some chocolate to the bottom and layer with craft grass. Once your daisies are dry, add them int the jar and arrange them to your preference. Add some more chocolate to the top and finish off with your butterfly embellishment.

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diy gift for teacher7

diy gift for teacher2

If your child’s teacher can’t have chocolate or has specific allergies, this simple DIY can easily be customized. Teacher not a candy fan? Tape a small gift card to each flower that totals $20-25. Think outside of the box and get as creative as you need with this craft.

A thoughtful DIY gift for teacher, this daisy bouquet is also a tasty way for teacher to indulge after a long day with your kiddos. With the end of the school year fats approaching, don’t miss the opportunity to thank your child’s teacher with one of these special bouquets.

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