Weekly Wishes #37

September 15, 2014Holly Sosa


  • Categorize all my blog posts (past & present): I didn’t get this done, so I’m bucking down & adding it to this week’s to do list. 
  • Update my cover/profile photos on all social media: Working on that today. Late, but it’s still happening.
  • Clean out my fridge & pantry: Ha! No, this did not happen. I pretty much had a failure of a week. Not one goal crossed off.

  • Start 30 days of lists: I recently discovered this fun idea & registered for September a bit late. I just figure I’ll start with the first prompt & go from there.
  • Organize my Pinterest boards: One of my monthly goals was to focus more on OHD. For me, a large part of this is streamlining my social media. Last week, it was updating my cover/profile photos to give OHD one seamless identity. This week, I’m focusing more on my Pinterest & Etsy (see below).
  • Organize my Etsy faves: My Etsy faves are all over the place right now. As a blogger, I often work with Etsy shops & I want my Etsy presence to be solid, easy to navigate, & give a good feel for my likes & style.
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