April 28, 2014Holly Sosa

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In the desert, our Summer life is the equivalent of an East coaster’s winter life. The kids & I are cooped up inside where we can keep cool & out of the sun’s harmful rays. With temperatures that reach as high as 114 degrees, we try to keep our activities inside because we don’t want to risk cooking ourselves alive. Literally, we cooked an egg on the asphalt last year. We use significantly more power in the summer; as a way to assist me in monitoring our power usage, I love this nifty power consumption calculator.

As you can gather, power bills in the Summer are pure insanity. Our first July here, our power bill was over $300. Since then, I have taken measures to make our house more energy efficient to not only ease some of the financial pain, but also our family’s carbon footprint from all of that air conditioner use. You can try this energy consumption calculator to see for yourself what your family & home consumes.

Aside from swapping out all of our appliance for more energy saving, newer models, we also started monitoring lights & TV time, & bought solar curtains for our windows to help keep some of the heat out. We also swapped out each of our light bulbs for more energy efficient led power GE LED Energy Smart light bulbs. I love these bulbs because we still get the soft & bright light of traditional bulbs, but without the added energy consumption.

When it came time for us to choose our bulbs, we chose GE LED Energy Smart light bulbs for several reasons:

  • They fit our standard light fixtures, so we wouldn’t have to change anything.
  • They contain no mercury, lead, or glass!
  • One LED bulb lasts as long as 15 traditional bulbs & use 80% less energy.
  • They were easy to find & add in with our normal shopping list at our local Sam’s Club.
  • Find out more about LED bulbs & their benefits.
  • To try them out for yourself, use this link to get a coupon.
Recently, we have been working on renovating our laundry room. Progress has been slow, but this weekend, we purchased our shelving & we updated our light fixture. Of course we used our trusty super bright LEDs. I couldn’t dig up a before picture & my husband was super motivated & didn’t let me snap a picture before he installed the new lighting fixture, so you’ll have to imagine one of those weird female body part resembling fixtures in our ceiling as our before.

I’m not 100% sure if I like this fixture & neither is J. But we both agree that we love our LED bulbs, so there’s that! Ha! I am thinking maybe more of a lampshade look & J thinks more industrial.
What do you think, should we try something else? Any thoughts or ideas?
To learn more about GE & their LED Energy Smart bulbs, follow them via their social media accounts where you can get current information that could benefit your family in reducing your carbon footprint & saving some money!
What ways does your family have of saving money & reducing energy costs? Do you use LED bulbs throughout your house? Do you think you will now?


  • Jamie

    April 29, 2014 at 7:40 AM

    I am enjoying the new LED lights from GE too! By the way, I love your light fixture. Very cute!

  • Emiliy

    October 13, 2014 at 7:18 AM

    LED lights market is growing up for their quality and electricity consumption. Everyone want to buy LED lights over incandescent bulbs. LED light in India is a unique source to get LED products.

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