April 10, 2014Holly Sosa
I was all set to take some photos for my weekly Mama Wears feature when I discovered that my trusty remote had gone MIA. Determined, I figured I’d give it a shot with the self-timer. The results are pure LULZ. I was ready to botch my selfies & instead create a collage of pastel blouses for Easter, but I couldn’t not share these with you. Life isn’t perfect & these photos share the hilarity that can ensue behind the scenes of this blog.
Between running back & forth between the camera & my poses, my dogs were thoroughly freaked out & found their way nervously into each shot. I can imagine what my neighbors were thinking each time I ran from my camera to the rocks & posed while trying not to look rushed. None of them are focused properly, my poses are unflattering because running, &…am I crotch grabbing in that last one?
Keepin’ it real over here at OHD, guys. 


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