February 23, 2014Holly Sosa
It has been the quietest week for my family. Collin & Aiden were both with their other parents for the week & it was just Evelyn & me most of the time. Jacob worked & slept mostly (thanks grave shift), but we found a few moments here & there to enjoy time with our girl & I carved out time for some paper crafting.

Exploring the depths of the pantry.
Whenever there happens to be a week where we end up with just Evelyn, I have these grandeur plans. I excitedly talk about & make plans for all of the productive things I will do & that I will have time for with the boys being gone. Then they leave. And then I go into a funk. I’m not fully me without them around & I think that may be the reason for the funk.
Mommy & Queen Evie Target shopping, a cure for funks of any kind.
Vitamin D soaking.

I started sending out small RAKs to friends. Silly little things like envelopes filled with stickers & decorated with washi tape to brighten their days. I wonder if mine needed brightened up & that’s why I mailed out so many. 

RAK prep.

Those cactus stickers, though.

I freshened things up around here, if you haven’t already noticed. I can never seem to settle on one design for too long. For now, I’m adoring the floral & soft feel of the new design.


  • mariahelena

    February 23, 2014 at 7:31 PM

    Love the new design. Feels like spring 🙂

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