December 6, 2013Holly Sosa
Tweens. That’s probably the hardest age for gift buying. MJ is in between loving kid play & wanting to be older & taken more seriously. I spent a lot of time figuring out what I thought she would/wouldn’t like & I think I came up with a rad gift guide for tween girls.
1) Monster High dolls: MJ is not a girly girl. She much prefers Monster High to plain ol’ Barbie. I was concerned she may be getting too old for them, but she explicitly asked for new ones, so there is still a little girl in there somewhere.
2) Fox sweater: Home girl is way into What Does the Fox Say, but really, what tween isn’t?
3) Fox earrings: I have a theme. I’m gonna run with it, folks.
4) Tablet: When MJ visits us here in the middle of nowhere, she really misses her friends. I asked her what she wanted for Christmas & she said a tablet so she could Skype with her BFFFFFFFFFs.
5) Uggs: No, she will not be getting this $170 pair. But I’m sure I can find her some knock-offs.
6) Goosebumps books: MJ loves scary stuff & she is a total bookworm. I know she would love some new Goosebumps books.
7) Jeans: She needs some new jeans. Clothes are becoming a fun gift again. Win, win.
8) Minnie Mouse nail polish: Nail polish with Minnie Mouse on it. You are never too old for Disney. Done & done.
9) Rainbow loom bands: This is the new cool thing kids are doing right now. I swear I see them everywhere. Plus, MJ is all about her crafts.


  • Jennifer Pischel

    December 6, 2013 at 2:22 PM

    My niece is 16 and by far she is the hardest to shop for this year! She can’t even give me an idea of where to shop! My 10 year old niece is really crafty like me so she’s easy this year.

  • Holly

    December 10, 2013 at 4:13 AM

    Tweens. Ugh. Hardest. Ever.

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