September is my Jam

September 4, 2013Holly Sosa

My home is completely enveloped in the scent of Red Candy Apple. And even in the desert, where our temperatures are holding steadily above 100 degrees, it feels like Fall thanks to my Scentsy addiction. The yearning to be around changing leaves & colorful landscapes sits deep inside my soul during this time of year. We don’t get that out here in the High Desert, so I make up for it with apple & pumpkin scented wax melts, over decorating with fake plastic leaves, & with candy corn readily available in strategically placed bowls.

We started back on our cloth diapers today after a couple months hiatus thanks to a terrible rash. Healing time, plus diaper stripping time, plus using all of the disposables time finally came to an end & Evie’s butt now sports the sweetest little diapers once more.

Post nap snuggles on Mamas bed.

I decided today would be a good day for a Storm Trooper headband because sister child has been fierce these days. Fierce & loud. Girlfriend is taking over the galaxy that is our home & ain’t no one going to try otherwise. Even Collin spent the majority of his day outside or in his room. Far away from the one who cries she does. 

Once J is home, she is all smiles. I am convinced this means she hates me & thinks I cannot take care of her properly. That & I make her wear Storm Trooper headbands that J promptly removes from her head when he walks through the door. In one quick motion he can kiss her & have the headband in hand before anyone can blink.

Oh, the play fighting that goes down in our house. This is how Collin & J show their love for one another. Neither are overly affectionate with each other. There is no cuddling. They bond through wrestling & playing. It’s their own special language & it’s something I won’t ever be able to touch. It’s theirs.

I made a run into town this afternoon with just Collin. We made it a date. That’s our language. Our thing. Popcorn & Icees. We found candy corn Oreos & candy corn M&Ms. Fall is here, y’all. And it comes bearing gifts.
Tonight, we are flipping through the Costume Express catalog that arrived in the mail this afternoon. Collin has been eyeballing it all evening. This is the first year he has actively taken an interest in Halloween on his own. Hold me. 

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