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August 7, 2013Holly Sosa

I have a problem.  It involves anything vintage & putting it on my little girl.  I adore dressing her up one of a kind pieces & then showing her off on my IG or FB.  The only issue I have is that, well, babies grow.  Which is heartbreaking & awesome at the same time for my little Mama heart.

As you can probably guess, that leaves me with gorgeous pieces that Miss E has grown out of.  I have the hardest time letting go of them.  I’ve sold a few here & there on IG & my sister takes some for her new baby girl, but I know there are more of you out there who are interested, so I’m hosting a virtual garage sale of sorts.  I want to know Evie’s outgrown pieces that were treasured by us will be getting a new home that will cherish them just as deeply.
All prices I list include US shipping.  If you’re interested in a piece, please comment with your PayPal email address & the name of the piece & I will invoice you shortly.  Once you’ve paid, I will ship the item to you.  If you’re international & would like to pay the additional shipping for a piece, I’d be happy to mail it out to you.
Watermelon Frenzy, size 3-6 months, $7 shipped.
Baby’s Garden, size 3-6 months, pristine condition, $11 shipped.
Curious Kitty, size 3-6 months, $8 shipped.
Evie’s Garden, 3-6 months, gorgeous condition, $8 shipped.
Ugly Ducking, size 3-6 months, $5 shipped.
Pieces will go on a first come, first serve basis, so if you like something be sure to comment with your email & the piece you want right away.
Depending on the success of this sale, I’ll post more as Evie outgrows them.  If you know someone who would like these, please send them my way.


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