That Time I Posted a Photo of My Belly Six Months Post Partum

August 5, 2013Holly Sosa
Having babies changes your body completely.  At least it did for me.  I wasn’t one of those bounce back 48 hours after having my baby type of gals.  No, I’m one of those still releasing hormones up to a year after baby gals.  It takes me longer to lose the weight I put on.  And because my hormones are so whack, I sometimes put on more weight after baby.  
Do I think all bodies are beautiful?  Absolutely.  Especially the saggy, stretch marked, deflated, Mama-belly kind.  You grew a baby, Mama.  You created a human life.  In that empty saggy belly, a life was given to a human being.
I think far far too much pressure is put on women to look, “beautiful,” & as a result we end up never allowing ourselves to feel happy with who we are & what God gave us.  Look, I’m 5’9″ & weigh more than I should, but does that make me ugly?  Um, hellz to the no.  My stretch marks are the only living proof that Liam was here on this Earth with me.  They are symbols of all I went through to bring Collin & Evelyn in this world.  A belly that swelled & swelled & skin that stretched & stretched as my babies grew safely inside me only thanks to their brother’s death & my diagnosis.  Are you going to try to tell me that that’s not beautiful?  Screw you.  Because it is.
The only person in this world that your weight or stretch marks should validate your beauty to, is yourself.  If you feel beautiful, screw ’em all.  You rock it, girlfriend.  You are beautiful.  
Personally, I have no issue with the number on a scale.  I don’t feel great, though.  I can tell the extra weight is holding me down physically, so I am planning to shed some weight.  My energy levels aren’t where they should be & I feel lethargic.  My clothes are tighter than usual.  And I just don’t feel like myself at this weight.  Note, I speak only about how I’m feeling?  This is a choice I am making for myself.  Not because I need some frat boy in a Hollister polo to validate that my wearing a bikini makes me hot.  Because guess what, brah?  If that’s what you define as hot or beautiful, I feel sorry for you.  You’re missing out on so many wonderful people & things in this world.  If I never wear a bikini again, I’m okay with that.  I just want to feel my best.  Whatever number that may be on my scale.  Stretch marks & all.
I’m not really sure why I wrote this post.  I think it’s because I hear so many Moms postpartum complain of their stretch marks…or newly pregnant girls worry over if they will get them & buy expensive creams to help ensure they don’t get any.  News flash: they don’t work.  Whether or not you get stretch marks is based on genes.  I just want so badly to be there when these women analyze their curves & scarred bodies in the mirror to tell them, “You are amazing.  You are woman.  You are feminine.  You are beautiful.”
You know what really makes men turn their heads?  Confidence, ladies.  Confidence.  Once I learned to love myself for me, I turned way more heads than when I was down on my body & myself.  Confidence shows whether you’re 120 pounds or 300 pounds.  
You.  Are.  Beautiful.  As.  You.  Are.

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