DIY Bird Feeders a la Toilet Paper Rolls

July 23, 2013Holly Sosa

I originally saw this idea over at Mama’s Gone Madison & instantly knew we had to do it.  J & I love feeding our birds.  It’s basically one of the only forms of excitement you get when you live in the boondocks.  That & rescuing your dog from coyotes on her morning poop (this really happened in actual life, my dog’s head was in a coyote’s mouth).  I digress.  This project is super easy & really fun for kids of all ages.  Collin (3), Andie (6) & Madison (9) all enjoyed creating their feeders & watching birds come to eat off of them.

All you need for this project is peanut butter, birdseed, yarn, & a few old toilet paper rolls.  I smeared the peanut butter on the toilet paper rolls for the kids because I knew it would get messy fast if I didn’t.  That & I foresaw more finger licking than bird feeder making happening if they were given control of the peanut butter (which still happened).
After you smear the peanut butter all over the roll (a butter knife worked nicely), I laid some birdseed out on plates for each kid & let them roll their toilet paper roll into the birdseed until it was nicely covered.  

After the peanut butter was covered in birdseed, J & I cut some yarn into strings, threaded them through the rolls & tied a knot on the ends.  We let each of the kids decide where they wanted to hang their feeders & then helped them reach their respective desired spots.
This was such a great way to sneak in some summer learning, too.  I asked them questions like, “What other kinds of animals do you think will come eat the birdseed & peanut butter?” &, ” Where do you think is the best place to hang your treats so the animals can reach them?”  Holler at your Mama for sneaking in critical thinking skills.

We had some play binoculars on hand that Collin & Andie took turns using to keep watch for birds.  We ended up attracting tons of different birds, chipmunks, & squirrels.  Noelle has been a nervous wreck ever since we hung them up.  It’s her sworn duty in life to protect us from these rabid creatures.  I literally found her perched in the window shivering.  Like literal pathetic shaking in anxiousness.

I would 100% recommend this project for any age.  It was super simple for Collin (3) to help with, but also fun enough for the older kids to enjoy doing.  Let me know what you think about it & if you’ll try it in the comments below!


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