Father’s Day Trip to Oxnard

June 19, 2013Holly Sosa
For Father’s Day, all J wanted was to go visit MJ & Andie in Oxnard.  So that’s exactly what we did (I also got him a barbecue grill he has been eyeballing).  J’s Abuelo’s birthday is the day after Father’s Day, so we had lunch with them & the girls.  It was a sweet afternoon with family & baby lovin’s.
The girls just adore Evie.  They love ooh-ing & aah-ing at her, squishing her cheeks, & squealing when she grabs a hold of their shirts or hair.
I can’t wait to watch their relationship evolve.  My sister & I are so close & we have a bond that no one can touch.  We definitely had our spats growing up complete with hair pulling & tattle tale-ing, but even then we were close & now we are soul sisters.
These three little girls have that same connection.  Sisterhood.  And I hope they grow up close.  I hope when they are grown & have their own babies that they text one another in the middle of the night for teething advice or call one another to complain about their husbands.
Evelyn is so blessed to have these two girls to guide her & love her while she grows up in this world.

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