DIY Western-Themed Rag Garland

May 24, 2013Holly Sosa
These rag garlands are super cute & really trendy right now.  I have been eyeballing them for Aiden’s birthday party & decided I needed wanted one, but they’re crazy expensive   I’ve seen them being sold for upwards of $60!  When I looked a little closer at some of the photos I’ve seen of them, I realized this was a totally do-able DIY.  And I’m a sucker for a good DIY.

The best part about doing this yourself is that you can create it to match any theme or occasion.  Aiden’s party is going to be wild west themed, so I chose a red gingham fabric & burlap for my color scheme/rags.  I also picked up some twine at my local hardware store.  I definitely recommend using fabric scissors for this as fabric is hard enough to deal with as it is; these scissors will make your life a lot easier.  The total cost for this project was approximately $5 total & about three hours of my time.

I just measured my twine along the window I wanted the garland to hang & snipped it to size.  I then started cutting my fabric into strips.  I don’t like the picture perfect look & wanted it to look whimsical & handmade, so I didn’t measure my fabric.  I just cut them roughly the same width & length until I had enough to work with.  Then came the hard part of tying the fabric onto the twine.  But it was only hard because I was working with burlap, which is super fickle & fragile once cut up.  You can tie it however you like.  I just did a simple knot on each.  I plopped myself in front of the TV & added each piece of fabric or, “rag,” until I was finished.
I am so pleased with the results of this, I have decided to make one for Evelyn’s room using vintage sheets that I find while thrifting.  I think it looks so lovely.  I can’t wait to see it in action at Aiden’s party!

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