Lace Dream Catcher DIY

May 17, 2013Holly Sosa

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve loved dream catchers.  My Uncle Mike used to keep one above his bed & ever since he told me about how they work & what they do, I’ve adored them.  I’ve been seeing lots of artists do their own take on dream catchers & have loved some of what I’ve seen.  I decided to try my hand at my very own dream catcher.  I’m not 100% satisfied & I think I’ll add some more embellishing to it before I call it a day, but this was fun & easy.

My supplies: a thrifted craft hoop ($0.50), lace from the remnants section at my local craft store, some leftover feathers from an art project I did with the kids, leftover gold spray paint from a DIY for Aiden’s party, & left over twine from numerous art projects I have done in the past.  Really, you can use any kind of spray paint or feathers.  I’ve seen some really cool natural ones at the craft store that would look awesome on this.
I just used rocks to hold down my feathers & then painted them.  After they dried, I flipped them over & painted the other side.  It was a dry & hot day, so they dried crazy fast.  While they were drying, I put my lace into my hoop & then cut my twin in varying sizes to hang the feathers from.  I used simple double knots on all of the feathers.  The knots were the hardest part of this whole DIY.  Which is pretty great if that’s the hardest thing you’ll do.
J isn’t a fan of this.  He prefers the more traditional dream catchers.  I do too, but I like this one a lot.  I think I’ll add another feather on each side of it or maybe do some gold embellishing on the lace.  I’m not sure yet.  The beauty of this is that you can make it completely custom to your personality.  I could see a hot pink feathered one for a girl’s room.  That would be so funky & cool.
PS, the photo for that frame came today.  I know you were wondering why I didn’t have a picture in my frame.  Don’t pretend you weren’t.


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