Sour Patch Kid

May 13, 2013Holly Sosa

The other night, Collin was being so sweet to Evelyn.  He came over to her & rocked her chair softy.  He sang his own rendition of, “twinkle twinkle.”  He rubbed & patted her head gently.  She reacts to him now.  It amazes me to watch them together.  Her smiling & cooing at him when he talks to her makes my Mama heart so happy.

Naturally, I needed to document this moment.  But lately, Collin has been a butt about taking pictures.  He always wants to make a scrunched up face or be doing something silly like wearing a toy car on his head or putting it in his mouth.  I wonder if he gets embarrassed when he sees me secretly snapping away or maybe it’s just a boy thing.  Either way, I don’t expect I’ll be getting any decent non-sour-faced photos of him anytime in the near future.

It’s okay, though.  It’s pretty hilarious & shows he has personality.  I’m pretty sure he’s a socially-geared kid anyway, so I’m glad he’s comfortable enough in his own skin to be silly like this.  Evelyn, however, is already so annoyed with her brother.  Wink face goes here.


  • Sara :D

    May 13, 2013 at 3:23 PM

    This was before the epic pukefest I’m assuming?

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