Recycled Milk Jug Watering Can

May 10, 2013Holly Sosa

So, I saw this sweet milk jug watering can over at Chelsey’s blog, The Paper Mama & instantly knew we needed one.  We have a little peach tree that we are hoping will produce something…anything this year.  If it survives, we will move forward with plans for a larger garden & eventually chickens.  And maybe pigs & a couple of goats if I’m able to convince my husband.  I digress.  We keep it watered daily (& by we, I mean J) & the boys are always asking to help.  It usually ends up a mess, but I really want them to feel like they are helping & taking care of our little tress, so I let them.  This watering can is perfect to help keep them involved & me happy.  Plus, it’s good for the environment to recycle & there has to be bonus points or something if you recycle it into an object that helps grow trees, right?

All you need is an old milk jug (you can soak it in warm water to get the labels off), some Sharpies or paint, & those little mini screwdriver things…or anything else you can use to poke holes in the milk jug. I used the Sharpies because I’m not down with Collin & Aiden having stained hands for decades.  Plus, whenever we craft, someone always ends up with paint or marker on their face, so I let them use paint for their watering cans.
They loved making their watering cans, of course.  And I really think it makes all the difference when you let your kid create something useful.  I think it gives them a sense of pride & like they are contributing.

These also made for really sweet garden decorations.  I just left some water in the jug to weigh it down & left it in our pot!  We go through tons of milk in out house, so I loved that we could repurpose a few of the jugs rather than toss them.  In fact, I came up with a couple other fun ideas for them as we made these that I’ll be posting soon!


  • Kristina Angelo

    May 11, 2013 at 2:36 PM

    This is NOT just for kids! I LOVE this idea and am gonna use it for myself. Maybe when my little peanut is older, I’ll show him too! Great post.

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    May 11, 2013 at 3:48 PM

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  • Olivia

    May 13, 2013 at 5:59 PM

    Do some research – but generally you want to trim away all those shoots coming up at the base of the trunk – it takes away from the energy to grow shoots where you want them, not to mention fruits and good root structure!

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