The What We Did for Easter Post

April 10, 2013Holly Sosa

Since I was on the road during actual Easter Day to pick up Collin in Las Vegas, we decided to celebrate the next day with all the kids.  Am I the only one who grew up having to search for their Easter basket in the morning?!  I usually get a weird look when I tell people this about my life.  Anyway, Evie’s was, “hidden,” on top of her changing table.  Which was awesome because it got the other kids excited to find theirs.  MJ’s was in the dryer with clothes on top of it.  Andie’s was in the shower.  Collin’s was inside the buffet.  They all really had fun looking for them.

After the morning festivities, we went over to the pool at J’s parents’ community.  It was so awesome.  The kids played for hours.  It was an indoor pool, so inside was humid & warm, which was like Ambien for Evie.  Sister child just passed out & slept most of the time.

After the pool, we treated the kids to McDonald’s & then came home for a movie night.  Collin was gifted Hotel Transylvania by my Ma for Easter, so we popped some popcorn, divided up some Easter candy & watched the movie.  It was a great day with the kids.  Definitely a unicorn day, which was so perfect to have for a holiday!

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