Daddy’s Girl

February 21, 2013Holly Sosa

J is such a sweet Daddy.  Not that this is news to me.  He is always wonderful with the girls, as well as Collin & Aiden.  Fewer things in life are as sweet as watching him play wrestle with the boys or attempt to brush MJ or Andi’s hair.

But seeing him with a newborn?  Now that is a whole new perspective.  He is such a help to me when he can be.  With me breastfeeding, I know he has felt a little left out as that sort of limits his bonding time.  Luckily, we have found a few ways for them to cuddle & bond.  He plays the piano for her in the mornings & she sits just quietly listening.  We also recently purchased a Moby & loves wearing her close.  She snuggles into his chest & just sleeps…& Daddy eats up every moment, beaming when he gets to hear her sigh or feel her squirm.

Evie totally prefers to sleep on her Daddy rather than me.  All she wants from me is boob.  Daddy gets the lovins.  But that’s okay with me, because that means I get to peek at these moments & get all heart eyed.

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