February 20, 2013Holly Sosa

This site/quiz from has been going around Internetland for awhile now, so of course I had to try.

archetype  noun  ‘ar-ki-,tip :  the original pattern or model of which all things of the same type are representations or copies  also:  a perfect example

My results were pretty spot on:

I definitely associate myself with my three top results. 
In my home, I am the number one caretaker.  I kiss all the ouchies, I do all the laundry, keep our house clean, organize clothes & toys, make all our meals & spread my love as best as I can.  Yes, J helps me from time to time, but I love this role & genuinely feel my purpose in life was to be a good wife & mother.  I enjoy being here & caring for my family & get immense satisfaction from it, even at the end of a particularly exhausting day.
I absolutely have a creative mind.  I am always trying to see things through my camera lens that other people seem to just take for granted.  I love to write, clearly.  And I also enjoy designing blogs for other writers.  We also get our crafty craft on in this house.  Moreso
I feel like I can never gain enough knowledge & thoroughly research topics & decisions before I make them, which I’m certain is from too many non-thought out choices when I was younger.  I am usually always strategically planning out my day taking into account what time is best for certain tasks.
This was super fun.  If you do it, let me know if you liked it or if the results were true to your personality.

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