Handmade Hannah

November 15, 2012Holly Sosa

If you haven’t checked out my lovely large ad sponsor for this month yet, you really should.  I don’t take just any sponsor & analyze carefully if I want a person’s shop/product on my blog.  This is my little corner of the world & I don’t want to just promote someone or a company just because they want to give me some money.  I take on quality, fun shops that I would legitimately recommend or purchase from personally.

Hannah’s shop, Handmade Hannah, is super cute.  I cannot wait for Evie to get here so I can get a few of her darling bows to adorn her head.  The best part about Hannah’s shop is that she makes fun, alternative, spunky stuff.  It’s all totally creative & unique.  You won’t find all frills & pink…unless that’s what you want, because she also does custom stuff!

Here are a few of my favorite’s from Hannah’s shop:

She sells burp tons more rad stuff.  Please go check out her shop out & browse around.  And while your there, add that Octopus bow in your cart for me.

NaBloPoMo November 2012

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