Halloween at Home

November 1, 2012Holly Sosa

Collin was with his Daddy in Las Vegas for Halloween this year.  Aiden was with his Mommy.  The girls were with their Mama.  So it was just J & I all by ourselves.  It was obvious we were missing our kids because the majority of the evening we kept looking at our friends’ Facebook posts & exclaiming, “Oh look at so & so’s kids! They went as a pirate & Tinkerbell! How cute!”

We were determined to get our Halloween on, even sans kids.  So I whipped up a batch of beef stew while J started gutting our pumpkins.  I also decided to try my hand at two-ingredient pumpkin muffins.  We each carved a pumpkin after dinner.  So what if they didn’t get displayed on our porch until 7PM?  We watched Young Frankenstein (my first time) while we roasted the pumpkin seeds.  It was a quiet evening.  
My sister sent me an awesome photo of my nephew, Everett, dressed up as Alfalfa.  That was the best costume I saw of the night.  Well, him & I saw a Felix Baumgartner costume, which ruled.  Collin’s Daddy also sent me some awesome pictures of Collin with his cousins.  He was the cutest Spiderman in the whole wide world.
I got a couple of videos this morning, too.  Collin was a dancing fool last night apparently.  And in the best video, he tels his Daddy, “Stop! Keep walking!”  Kid wanted that candy.
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