A Reader Survey & A Small Announcement

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I realize I probably should have shared a reader survey before the beginning of a new year, but with all five of our kiddos here over their break from school, a lot got away from me. Nonetheless, I’m sharing one now and I would love your thoughts and input on how I’ve been doing, what you want more of, and even your ideas for future posts. If you wouldn’t mind, could you please take a few minutes to answer my short 10 question survey?

I’m a bit behind with sharing and you may have noticed an absence here over the past few days. I was feeling a bit overwhelmed with posting and I wanted a breather. I could feel a burnout coming on and knew I needed to take a step back to just hang out with my family and be lazy. That’s the beauty of working for yourself. Though I do miss this community very much. However, bringing high quality content to you is something I take seriously. I spend hours and sometimes days or weeks preparing some of my posts. I love what I do, so it rarely feels like work to me, but (and we all knew there was a but coming!) without having some posts scheduled ahead of time or an editorial calendar for me to stick to, it’s very hard for me to keep up; which in turn ends up being a source of stress in my life.

This is why I’ve decided to take a small week-long break. I’ll be spending the next several days preparing fabulous new content, reading your survey responses, and creating an exciting editorial calendar filled with new content! Please stick around and be patient. I’ll be back shortly, I promise. I love blogging entirely too much to stay away for too long. And as usual, I’ll be active via social media, so be sure to follow me on your favorite platform.

Spice Cabinet Organization: Ideas, Tips, & Tricks from an Organization Junkie!

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I am a self-confessed control-freak-slash-clean-freak-slash-organize-all-the-things-obsessed-freak. Given that, it should come as a surprise that since moving into this house 2.5 years ago, I have yet to organize much of anything; especially areas in my kitchen. Rather than overwhelm myself with taking on the entire kitchen at once, I took small bites. Which seems to have become my 2015 battle cry: small bites to achieve big goals, guys! This week, I scrawled spice cabinet organization in big orange letters in my planner. And on Tuesday we took a $40 trip to Target to chew on this small bite towards organizing our kitchen. Here are my results along with several clever spice cabinet organization ideas for your own project.


  • three (half gallon) mason jars for flour, sugar, and powdered sugar (I may go purchase a fourth for my brown sugar)
  • one spice shelf (similar)
  • one wire cabinet shelf (similar)
  • one wire basket (found at the Target Dollar Spot)

spice acbinet organization ideas4

The first step I took was to completely empty out the cabinet, spray it down with cleaner, and wipe it out. Next, I went through each item looking for expiration dates and discarding expired ones or spices we haven’t used in over a year (poultry seasoning that we bought and have used not a single time) and seasonings or spices we bought to try and ended up disliking. After the purge, I was left with a much more manageable and practical amount.

spice acbinet organization ideas14

spice acbinet organization ideas13

Next, I decorated my mason jar lids with some lovely floral paper. To recreate this for your mason jars, simply trace the lids on your desire patterned paper and cut out. I used super glue to secure the paper to the lid and then the lid to the rim since I knew these jars would be used exclusively for storing my sugar, flour, and powdered sugar.

spice acbinet organization ideas3

spice acbinet organization ideas9

spice acbinet organization ideas11

While my lids were drying, I assembled my wire cabinet shelf and placed it inside my cabinet on the top shelf. Underneath the wire shelf, I stored my extra sugar, flour, powdered sugar, and brown sugar. On the top, I stored additional baking items like cornstarch, food coloring, and more. Lastly, off to the open side, I stored my oils and vinegars.

spice acbinet organization ideas2

spice acbinet organization ideas7

spice acbinet organization ideas8

On my bottom cabinet shelf, I installed my spice shelf and organized them by most frequently used in the front and less used in the back. I also stored my extra salt and pepper on the far back of the spice shelf since I only use them when it’s time for a refill of my shakers. I scored a wire self for $3 in the Target Dollar Spot that works perfectly with seasoning packets, dip mix, and more. I organized my packets neatly inside the basket and placed it next to the spice shelf. In front of that, I placed my salt and pepper shakers for easy access.

spice acbinet organization ideas1

spice acbinet organization ideas6

spice acbinet organization ideas10

My end result was a gloriously organized cabinet that makes my heart sing every time I open it. Everything has a place and purpose, which is just what my self-confessed control-freak-slash-clean-freak-slash-organize-all-the-things-obsessed-freak heart desires.

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Dream, Create, Inspire | W14

Dream Create Inspire Party

Welcome to week 14 of  Dream Create Inspire. Hosting this supportive & inspiring link up with Sarah, Alyson, and Tabitha is definitely one of the highlights of my week. In case you haven’t already heard or participated, each week we want you to come and share your favorite creative blog posts from your own blog over the past week. Posts that you dreamt, created, and now inspire fellow creative minds with! To make this even more fun, we would love for you to leave comments on one or two (or several!) posts from other blogs linking up. We will be featuring some of our favorites from all of your posts next week. Below, you will find our favorites from last week’s linked up posts. This is a great way to gain some exposure from four fabulous blogs that will feature your content! I am looking forward to checking out all of your sure-to-inspire posts! In case you forgot, here are your lovely party hosts:

Meet your party gals:
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Dream Create Inspire Party


Dream Create Inspire Party Guidelines

  • Link up posts that are diy, crafts, printables, tutorials, recipes, etc.
  • Leave a link to the specific post, and not just your blog.
  • You may link up to four posts each week.
  • Do not link up shops and other link ups, your entry will be deleted.
  • Add the button to your blog, or a text link directing back to the party.
  • Make sure to visit and comment on some of the other links.

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